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4 Simple Steps to Achieve Any Goal You Want

Anyone can set a few goals, it’s not that difficult to decide on a goal, but how do we achieve them? Goal setting is not a new concept, especially in the business world.

We’ve heard about setting short term goals and long term goals, writing them down and magic, we’ve achieved them! Not always the case, so why is this?

I think most of us can honestly say that setting goals all sounds very easy in theory, but when it comes to something we really want, it just doesn’t seem to happen.

We see it happens for the big guys, but we say – they are just the lucky few. We think some people are just born lucky or they had it easy. We mumble to ourselves, almost without being consciously aware, “life never gives me those lucky breaks!”

What just happened here?

We considered going for something we want in life, and we considered using goal setting as a way of making it happen, but at the first hurdle, we’re defeated.

We tell ourselves, it’s just not going to happen. Remember the power of your thoughts. 

‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’ Proverbs 23:7.

Success. is not just for the chosen few.

We can have what we want and truly desire if we believe it is possible and then with that strong self-belief in place, take the necessary steps to make it happen.

No one ever said it was going to be easy! Anything worth having in life takes commitment. There are no short cuts to success.

Goal setting is ultimately about change. When you feel trapped or stuck, you can develop a bad attitude. This usually happens because you don’t know where you are going and your life lacks meaning and purpose.

Other people seem to be getting ahead, but you feel stuck and wonder why?

We can feel powerless when we find ourselves in this position. We don’t know how we got into it, and we certainly don’t know how to get out, so we just stay put, while resenting others who are moving forward.

Really though, we are just mad with ourselves.

Know where you are now and where you want to be in the future!

Set Goals That Inspire You

To achieve a goal, you need to consciously decide that you want it, that it’s important to you, and be willing to make a daily commitment to achieving it.

Goals bring clarity, focus, motivation, purpose, direction, meaning and movement.

Your goals need energy, so if you set goals that are too small and easy to achieve, it’s not as exciting. Don’t mix up a to do list with goal setting. 

Goal setting is about setting targets into the future that you can only dream of right now. They must inspire you!

What do I mean, they must inspire you? They must be more than you can see right now. You must dig deep to find out what’s stirring within you that wants to live.

It’s an act of faith to put your dreams into action. Don’t let your dreams lie dormant within you. You can make them a reality by just taking small actions every day.

Maybe you think, what if I set goals and then when I achieve them, I don’t want it, or it’s not as good as I had hoped?

Yes, this may happen, but you will feel good for having tried, and then you can turn around and move in a new direction.

God can only direct our steps when we are moving, however slowly that may be.

How Can I Know If God Has a Different Plan For My Life?

This is something I’ve thought about a lot with regards to goal setting. When I follow God and pray for direction in my life, surely I shouldn’t set goals that may not be from God.

What I discovered is that goal setting is just a tool we use to help us to get to our destination, as it helps us to focus and get more in alignment with our purpose.

If you seek God’s direction in prayer and tell Him your plans, he will direct your steps as you move forward. Jesus always says, what do you want? This is how you align your dreams with God’s plan for you.

If your goals are not good or your motives are not pure, how then can God bless them? God cannot bless sin.

It’s not in God’s character to do anything dishonest, for God is Truth and Light. There is no darkness in Him. 

When you have integrity and seek the good of others, above self-gain or profit, God will bless you, in His perfect time.

So, ask for His guidance as you sit down and write your goals, and stay in prayer as you go about activating them. He will point you in the right direction. Trust and believe!

You are more likely to succeed if the goal is connected to who you are. Every goal is about a feeling. An emotional connection drives the goal.

The goal can change as you SMART it, (this is something I can do with you in a coaching session). To SMART a goal is to break it down and simplify it and make it clearer.

Harvey Mackay states that ‘goals give you more than a reason to get up in the morning; they are an incentive to keep you going all day. Goals tend to tap the deeper resources and draw the best out of life.’

4 Simple Ways To Achieve Any Goal

1. Have a strong reason or purpose

Is it what you want deep down? Ask yourself, not being influenced by someone else, or society, or cultural backgrounds. This is to give the strong emotional support needed for achieving your goal.

Why do you want it? What if you don’t achieve it? Why does it matter? What difference does it make if you indeed achieve it? Be clear about what you want and why you want it. Have a sense of purpose, with a target to aim for.

2. Find a meaningful measurement for your goal.

Look at how many tasks or things you do that move you towards your goal, regardless of whether or not they are successful.

For example, you may have researched 3 business ideas for your new business venture, and made 5 phone calls. This is progress regardless of their actual results. You have started.

To accomplish anything worthwhile means experiencing many small successes and failures along the way.

So long as you keep going, keep trying, keep making progress, keep working on your goal, you will eventually achieve it. It requires persistence.

3. Focus on spending enough time on your goals

Time on goals is important. Have a notebook just for this. If you don’t write it down, it’s just a wish. Commit to the time required to bring about your goal.

We tend to underestimate the amount of time it takes to accomplish something we want; we get impatient, we tend to lose heart when we don’t see results sooner.

Eventually this kind of impatient state of mind will sabotage your goal. Ask people who have achieved goals, how long did it take?

4. Form a habit of reviewing your goals everyday

Be consistent with putting action steps in towards achieving your goal. Keep reviewing it daily. It’s crucial to write your goals down. Put them is a place where you will look at them every day.

You may refine it each time you look at it, this is good. The more specific and simple your goal is, the easier it will be for your mind to process the information and move you in the direction of achieving that goal.

So, achieving your goals in life is possible!.

In order for you to feel excited about your goal, you must choose something that you really want!

We don’t always know what we truly want, but this is part of the process. You must love yourself enough to make the time to think about what you want in life.

The reason I say your goals must inspire you is that you won’t achieve the goal without being emotionally connected to it. A rational thought alone won’t do it. You must first see yourself having it and enjoying it.

The higher your goal, the more passion you will need. So, spend time imagining yourself having it. Dream of it and connect with the emotions you feel. Do you feel happy? Accomplished? Content? Strong? Powerful?

Remember, it is a process and you must be willing to go through the different stages to achieve it. Start with small goals as that will motivate you towards going for the bigger ones.

I wish you every success in making your dreams a reality. Goal setting is an effective tool for helping you to achieve your goals if used correctly and properly understood.

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